Why I do what I do

I’ve been fascinated with history, the railroad, and more importantly writing since I was very young.  Growing up in rural West Virginia, the railroads played an integral role in both the local and state economies. The one nearest to my old homestead would gather coal mined from the seams just over the hills in its massive steel cars and carry it off around the bend to destinations unknown to me. Other lines farther out toted long lines of freshly cut timber off of the steep mountains to the east, bound for the paper mills in Keyser. From here, my interest in the rails expanded to the historical importance of the steam lines and their uses for both industrial and transportation purposes.

Nowadays, I’m married to a wonderful wife and am the father of three wonderful children. I channel my passion for history, the railroad, and adventure into my published works. I want to use this blog as a means of showcasing some of the great rail lines throughout history as well as some of the best modern scenic railways across the globe. As my time between family, writing books, and keeping up with this project will be tested — I plan to offer one post per month that features some of the aforementioned materials for your enjoyment. I hope that you will ride along with me on this journey and share your insights and suggestions as we progress.  The first rail line will be coming soon. So, follow the blog to get the updates as they occur.


J. E. Dyer


2 thoughts on “Why I do what I do

  1. my son will be so excited if you post photos too.. Christopher has a train ride planed for his 6 year birthday.. a night ride on the Cheat Mountain Salamander to Green Bank Observatory and back after looking at the stars and eating hot smores. Could not think of anything more fun for a Train loving boy.


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